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Your eBook Ready Writing Only 10% w/ AI, Audiobook Creation

What you’ll learn

  • How to publish an e-Book by writing just 10% of it and turning it into an Audiobook ready to publish on Audible/ACX and FindawayVoices.


  • Laptop and Internet


Wouldn’t you love it if AI could write 90% or more of your eBooks?

This course will show you how to use a paid AI tool that’ll cost you much less than hiring ghostwriters.

You will learn:

  • How to do keyword research on Google
  • How to do keyword research on Amazon
  • How to do keyword research on Audible
  • How to use AI unique software to write 90% of your eBooks so you can scale to the sky (No Limits) all by yourself
  • Where to publish your eBooks and Audiobooks

Join me in this journey towards your success. You either embrace AI now or later it’ll be too late. It’s better to get yourself used to it at its infancy than when it is too late.

Don’t make the mistake I did when I first missed the Facebook trend, then the Amazon trend, and again when I missed the Youtube trend. I learned my lesson and am riding the AI trend, where I use it to write the majority of my eBooks and never worry about plagiarism or being banned, what would surely happen if I outsourced my eBooks to ghostwriters.

Now is the time to get your AI writing assistant to do most of the work for you, while you focus on scaling and growing your publishing business to the moon!

This tool can used to write content for you as well. NO LIMITS!

Join now and see you on the inside!

Who this course is for:

  • Aspiring, intermediate, and experienced publishers looking to speed the writing process and make more money.

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